40th Anniversary

If you read the introduction you might have noticed that 2015 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of Crabapple Community. Those of us lucky enough to be living here now are marking the occasion with a weekend of events on Saturday/Sunday 19th/20th September for members, ex-members and others who have spent significant time here. The following outline went out some time ago. If you fall into the above categories, we hope you have already seen it – if not, sorry! Just email us and we will make sure to add you to the list…

Greetings from Crabapple! 40 years old this year and in good health, we are delighted to say. 40 years strikes us as a significant achievement – an anniversary to mark. So we are planning a weekend of activities for 19th/20th September (just a few months after the actual birthday) to do just that. We will look back to the people who have kept the spirit of community life going here during those four decades. Ex-members, friends and associates are all warmly invited to join us – get nostalgic (or not!) and help us look forward to a positive communal future. We will be creating an exhibition of images, words and artefacts that tell the Crabapple story. If you can loan any photographs or other mementos, in advance or at the weekend we would be delighted and grateful. Words and thoughts can be added in all sorts of ways over the weekend. And we hope that the combined experience of 40 years might help to inform that positive communal future. We aim, between us, to make the weekend fun, sociable and life-affirming. We can offer overnight camping facilities and a limited number of indoor beds in a bunk room for anyone unable to camp. We undertake to feed and entertain in return for your company and participation. Please let us know if you can join us – and we will send further details. And feel free to pass this on to other ex-members/ associates. Love from Crabapple present

We are in the process of sending formal invitations so that we can get an idea of numbers for catering/ accommodation purposes. Please let us know if you are intending to come. Email: crabapplecom[at]hotmail.com


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