Tuesday 7th July 2015

What a difference a week makes! After last week’s heatwave it’s been raining on and off most days. Not a lot but enough to keep everything growing vigorously. It’s drizzling this morning, but not enough to drive us into the polytunnel. Anyway it soon passes and the sun shines.

onions at tea time
Onions at tea time

The rain has softened the soil perfectly, too, so the remaining docks amongst the onions come up easily with the merest encouragement from a hand fork. The raised-from-seed onions are looking good and healthy. We have Ailsa Craig, Bedfordshire Champion and Robinson’s Mammoth – the last a fantasy-inspired attempt to grow a proper big onion. Watch this space!

We planted out the last of the greenhouse-raised beans – Borlotti – which filled the gaps and finished off the final row of sticks a treat. The beans we sowed direct in the soil have appeared very intermittently. Field voles and/or mice are the prime suspects where the missing ones are concerned.

We have strung up the garlic we lifted last week. It is now well dried. It is possible to plait stiff-necked garlic. If you are determined enough. We were. It looks prettier. The Autumn planted onions are now uprooted and lying in wait for the forecast dry weather of the next few days. They are not for long storing so don’t need thorough drying. They are big. We will be eating some tonight.

Stand back and feel satisfied – another productive Tuesday.

Tuesdays in the Triangle Field (Community Supported Market Garden) are busy, sociable, friendly, relaxed, productive. Volunteers are made welcome, fed, watered and rewarded with produce. Let us know if you would like to join us either regularly, occasionally or just for a one-off pleasure.
Tel. 01743 761418 email: crabapplecom[at]hotmail.com


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