Tuesday 4th August 2015

A mizzly morning – cool and refreshing. We’ve reached that stage of the year when we really are on top of things. No urgent jobs to prioritise – no manic harvesting or ripening off yet. We can choose to tidy up – get the edges sorted – relax – take our time. Drink two cups of tea and chat. Plant out another 60 leeks. Bunch up the last dried garlic to make room for the drying shallots, and hand fork the last couple of rows of those to leave sitting out for a few (hopefully) drying days.

Remove any remaining volunteer potatoes and seed-threatening fat hen in the brassica cage – then weed round the edges so that the bottom of the netting is secure against curious birds (wrens, robins, blackbirds) who just get trapped and peckish rabbits who have more nefarious motives. Dig out the docks that flourished between the the now cooked and eaten rows of first early potatoes – and get out the ancient seed fiddle to broadcast some scarlet clover seeds on the cleared patch. (Broadcasting by hand is probably just as effective, but emulating those old eighteenth century woodcuts is more fun!)

Water the polytunnel – get some more lettuces planted in there. Harvest yet more courgettes and cucumbers. Dig up one very productive root of second early Kestrel potatoes – big but not oversized tubers – a good all-purpose spud that has white skin with violet blushes like charming strawberry stains. The rest of the potato plants look magnificent, with a fine array of flowers. Mayan Gold – deep purple with a bright yellow centre is particularly striking. If there is as much going on underground as above we might have to get hold of more storage sacks this year. We are still digging potatoes as we need for the kitchen at the moment – but it won’t be long before we have to start planning the maincrop harvest … cut off the tops, leave for a fortnight for skins to mature, then lift, sort, dry and store. That won’t be so relaxing as this lovely quiet mizzly day!

Tuesdays in the Triangle Field (Community Supported Market Garden) are busy, sociable, friendly, relaxed, productive. Volunteers are made welcome, fed, watered and rewarded with produce. Let us know if you would like to join us either regularly, occasionally or just for a one-off pleasure.
Tel. 01743 761418 email: crabapplecom@hotmail.com


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