Tuesday 18th August 2015

Yes, we missed a week. We did get some weeding, digging and cropping done last week – but not a lot. We were busy preparing for the Shrewsbury Flower Show and didn’t have time to blog. But the Permaculture Show Garden rightly earned a gold medal – and more significantly attracted lots of attention. And the Shropshire Organic Gardeners Climate Change stand hopefully inspired a good few folks to start home composting, to avoid peat, to grow more heritage varieties and to give up those poisonous chemicals in favour of a more natural/nature-friendly approach.

But back to greater focus on our own gardens again this week – although visitors and Summer holidays divert us somewhat still.
With the carrot of a biscuit, our five junior gardeners lifted most of the onions and set them to start drying in the sun. It’s a fair crop – mostly good size. The seed-sown are definitely bigger than the sets. Signs of white rot or other pestilences are happily minimal. Now we have to dry them thoroughly in the greenhouse and polytunnel and hope they store as well as they grew.

We cut the tops off the remaining second early potatoes to leave for the skins to set, then we will dig them up in two weeks. We still have plenty of second earlies to eat now in the walled garden, so we will see how these store. The process of harvesting the maincrop varieties will start next week. Potatoes so far have been very good. This week half a row of British Queen (five plants) yielded a sackful of good size, very clean undamaged tubers – and thence a wonderful tray of delicious oven-cooked chips!

Where the earliest carrots have been harvested, we hoed in compost and planted out some of the Winter salads, re-using the enviromesh cover as a protection against munching birds and rabbits – and against the worst weather.

There was time also to give the perennial vegetable experimental plot some attention – and set out any remaining plants that have been loitering in pots.

Cucumbers and courgettes are still cropping prolifically. We are also eating home-grown cabbages, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, beetroot, fennel, swedes, turnips, carrots, spinach/chard and salads. We had a great plum crumble this week too!

Growing – cooking – eating, a seamless in-house process. Food can’t get fresher or healthier than this …

Tuesdays in the Triangle Field (Community Supported Market Garden) are busy, sociable, friendly, relaxed, productive. Volunteers are made welcome, fed, watered and rewarded with produce. Let us know if you would like to join us either regularly, occasionally or just for a one-off pleasure.
Tel. 01743 761418 email: crabapplecom@hotmail.com


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