40th Latest …

The following email has just gone out to everyone on our list. Unfortunately our list is not exhaustive, so if you have associations with Crabapple Community, consider yourself included …

hi everyone,
We’re really looking forward to seeing/meeting you at the big Crabapple 40th event on 19th/20th September! There’s about 40 people who’ve said they’re definitely coming plus another 20 or so who’re trying to juggle life-stuff so that they can come.

The main focus of the event is between lunchtime/early afternoon Saturday until Sunday afternoon, but you’re welcome to arrive on Fri afternoon/evening – especially if you’re coming from a distance or would like to help with preparations. We’re providing lunch & evening meal on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Puddings, cakes and other indulgences welcome as contributions!

If you haven’t already done so, it would help if you could give us an idea of which meals you’ll be around for and how many there are in your group. However we will prepare lots of food, so if you later want to come earlier/stay later, please do! (There are no meal tickets and we won’t be counting heads!!) The meals will be vegan/veggie – let us know if you have any special dietary requirements/allergies.

We’re putting together an exhibition of photos and other memorabilia/artefacts from the last 40 years. If you have anything you’re willing to show/display (photos, diary entries(?!), news-cuttings etc), do bring them along.

Activities over the weekend will include:

Sat & Sun afternoons: Join a guided tour of house and land, browse the exhibition, watch slideshows.

Sat evening: Open-mike style entertainment… test your knowledge of Crabapple’s history & your experience of community living with our special 40th Quiz… Bring instruments, songs, poems, stories to share… Help build the “40 years of Crabapple” soundtrack – bring along your favourite tracks from your Crabapple days (on Spotify/Youtube etc)…. Partake in our barrel of beer and/or bring other alcoholic contributions!

Sun morning (not too early!): Relax, catch-up with other (ex)-members or join our collective sharing of reflections on community life – what’s worked, what hasn’t and how to build a positive communal future.
In terms of facilities in the camping field… there are 4 luxury compost loos and a couple of mains-water standpipes. Unfortunately, there’s no actual washing facilities. If there’s bad weather, you’re welcome to shelter in the house during the daytime (and we could fit a few people in overnight if necessary).

We’re still trying to contact a few ex-Crabapplers – if you can help, that wold be fantastic! Please see separate email for list of people.

We’ve recently set up a simple website/blog – you might want to have a look at: https://crabapplecommunity.wordpress.com/category/crabapple-life/

See you soon!
Jo on behalf of current Crabapplers


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