Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Christmas holidays mean that community gardening is reduced to one this week. But I do get on with some work …

It’s the Winter Solstice, so time to honour one tradition and I sow some four different onions into small propagating trays. It’s just a gesture – we’re certainly not putting all our alliums into such an early basket. But we will mark them and harvest them at Summer Solstice – to see if it means anything.

Then I manage to find enough hazel, cherry, larch and ash stakes from felled and pruned trees to complete the dead hedge.

And I dig well-rotted horse manure into the centre bed in the polytunnel. There’s a small tray of Winter lettuce (Valdor) that has been hanging around for months. I expected to be throwing them out, but with the temperature in the polytunnel in the upper teens, I might as well plant them out. Who on earth would have thought of planting out lettuces a few days before Christmas?
Is that worrying …?

I’ll take some more seed trays back to the house to wash/ disinfect ready for some more serious sowing in January.

Season’s greetings!

Tuesdays in the Triangle Field (Community Supported Market Garden) are busy, sociable, friendly, relaxed, productive. Volunteers are made welcome, fed, watered and rewarded with produce. Let us know if you would like to join us either regularly, occasionally or just for a one-off pleasure.


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